Our Guild Philosophy:


“To simply have fun playing WoW with a good group of people.”



 You can read up on our Guild Policy by clicking the Policy FAQ link above. It looks lengthy, but its common sense.

 You can apply for membership by clicking the “Apply to Guild” link on the left. (You will need to create a Guildlaunch account in order to apply for Guild Membership)

 If you have any questions about us or the guild, feel free to drop a post in the Open Forums. (You will need a Guildlaunch account to do that)



The History of the Brotherhood:

     *Note: It’s the Brotherhood of AL.  Yes someone asked J

   The Brotherhood of Al as a concept began in late ’98 when the GM and his brother started playing Ultima Online. As a coincidence both of their names began with Al, and a tradition was born.

  It took quite a bit of time and several friends (Who’s names also began with Al) before the guild stone was finally purchased and a house placed to hold it. So the guild was incorporated on the shores of Fire Island, on the shard of Chesapeake, shortly before the land was ripped asunder and Trammel came to be. (We used Corp Por for fireworks because we were poor!)

  Over time the guild moved to Trammel, and still exists to this day, although members of the Brotherhood are very rarely seen. Some libraries are known to hold the 15 existent volumes of the Al Family History. (Old UO 40-page purple books)

   On a dark day filled with terrible laptop graphics troubleshooting, the ‘soon to be’ Altherod used the WoW trial to test the latest fix on his laptop. His wife caught sight of this WoW game, and two new accounts were created shortly after.

  After leveling several toons to 80, Altherod created TBofA in remembrance of his old UO guild mentioned above. It was apparently fate, since Altherod’s brother joined WoW shortly after, and now both brothers are again united in The Brotherhood of Al.


 We also use The WoW Headhunter from Mygamemug.com for recruiting. (You will still need to fill out the application on this site before you may join the guild)

The link for The WoW Headhunter is: http://www.wow.mygamemug.com/. We encourage all guild members to sign up and take the personality profile in order to better represent the guild.